Google plus team is doing all good to develop their social networking site. In a recent update they have enabled a very useful feature for everyone ( specially for marketing people ) to send email in one go to all their circle members. But there are some basic things you need to know before you start using this feature, although they are simple. If you have been using facebook earlier and are curious to know what’s new in google+ then this feature will amaze you.

Why to send email to all circle friends

When I first say this feature in google+ then even I asked myself “email to all my friendssss – why?”. But within a few seconds I realised this is awesome.

There can be many uses of sending email to all your circle friends (Circle in google+ is group in facebook) in one go.

– Organizing a meetup and like to invite all my friends. Just type in your message, select your friend circle, enable send as email and done.

– You are in some kind of emergency and like to share a message to all your family members. Do it in one go.

– If you own a wesbite or a webstore then you can let all your users know about your latest addition.

– There can be million uses of such feature. You just need to apply your mind.

Why email is useful in some sort of emergency than social network

We are living in smartphone era. Almost all mobiles are always connected to internet. Their mail clients always ping to mailbox to check new mails. There are some mobile service providers like blackberry which are using push protocol to forward email to users mobile as soon as they arrive. On the other side, people check social network at their will.

I think email is a better solution in many cases than social network.

How to use email to all in one go feature

Login to your google plus account.

Type in your message, add photo, video or organize an event etc.

Click add more people and select the concerned circle.

As soon as you select it a new feature  “Also send email to Family” with a check box gets enabled.

Just check the box and click share.

What about sending emails to those whom I follow on google plus

No, not allowed. You can follow as many people in google plus you want but can only send email to those who are following you back. Its as simple as that. You are in my circle and I am in your circle, email feature will work. You are in my circle but I am not in your circle, email feature won’t work.

Can the email system be abused?

I have a lot of experience of twitter and how people increase their followers. They start following thousand of people and in return many innocent user follow them back. There are tools available which can list all those people whom you are following but they are not following you back. Simply un-follow those who are not following you.

Same thing can be used with google+ and this time you have email in power. Much more targeted advertisements can be done. If used carefully then this can increase sales too.

So far, there is no limit on sending number of emails via google plus but I am sure google will impose some sort of limit in fuure.