format external hard diskThere is not just one ways to format external hard disk.

Format via DOS, via GUI (right click and format).

If you are newbie then you can follow these simple steps to format external hard disk.

  • Attach External hard disk to the PC or laptop via a USB cable or serial cable
  • Go to MY COMPUTER and right click on the External hard disk icon. (It will be named with some Drive Letter like “E” or “F”).
  • Choose “format” from the list.
  • Click on start and your disk will be formated.

Few points to be noted.

If you choose “Quick Format” then disk will be formatted very quickly, because all the data inside the disk will be marked as unused although data is still inside the disk. But you can use the disk and new data will be over written on the old unused data.

(The crux is that you can still recover the data from such formatted disk with some recovery software)

If you don’t choose the Quick Format then all data sectors will be flushed with null and no recovery of data is possible from any software.

Format Hard Disk via MS DOS

  • Go to START > RUN.
  • Type “cmd” (without double quotes).
  • First identify what is the Drive letter of External Hard Disk (i.e. “E” or “F” or any higher letter. It won’t be “C” or “D” because they are used by internal harddisk and CDROM. Be careful and identify the correct Drive letter of your hard disk.)
  • type “cd\”. This will take you to the C prompt.
  • Type “format ?” (where ? is the drive letter of the External Hard Disk like “E:” or “F:”).
  • Hit enter and it will ask you for the confirmation. Type “y”.
  • Disk will be formatted easily. Just follow the instructions.

It was all about How to format external hard disk.