If you have MTNL Triband Unlimited plan you can think of hosting our own site on your personal computer. There are many ups and downs to setup your own webserver like you need to keep your computer running all the time to run your site, you need to have a good firewall and antivirus software to prevent your site and computer from hacking.

You will get hosting for free (Bigger the hard disk more of the webspace ).
Unlimited data transfer bandwidth etc.

Step 1:  You need a webserver. Install either iis or apache. Here is a bundle of (Apache, mysql, php) as XAMPP. Click here to DOWNLOAD XAMPP. Download Xampp and install. After install open your web browser and punch http://localhost it should show something like this.

If you get this screen by http://localhost then you have installed Xampp correctly. (That means now you can host a website on your computer)

Step 2: Go to C:\XAMPP\htdocs and make a webpage “test.html” under “htdocs” folder so that you can check your hosted  site. Make sure you write something in your html page.

Step 3: Now you have hosted a webpage test.html you can check that by opening this link on your browser http://localhost/test.html

If test page is opening correctly then you can proceed further for the MTNL router configuration.


Step 4: If you have a static IP address then its very easy to configure all the thing. If you don’t have static IP then you can call to MTNL call center and ask them to provide the static IP address. (Don’t worry, minimum 1 IP address is free with MTNL Triband Unlimited plan).

Step 5: Open and login with admin/admin (Default router id and password is admin).  Go to Advanced Setup > NAT > Virtual Server.

There you will see a list like this:

Virtual Server for
Single IP Account
Rule Index

Start Port Number
End Port Number
Local IP Address
You need this configuration in this table:
Rule Index: 1 or 2 or any (this dosen’t matter)
Application: HTTP_Server
Protocol: ALL
Start Port Number: 80
End Port Number : 80
Local IP address : (This is the IP address of your computer where you have installed XAMPP).For ex.

Make sure you have static IP configuration.
Thats it. Save the configuration and your router will forward the port number 80 to your computer’s port 80. (Hope you know that Port 80 is used for http protocol. Like Port 25 is used for FTP).
Now you can ask your friend to open your hosted website with the static IP address given by MTNL. For Ex.

If you like to check it by yourself then you need a proxy to look at the hosted website. Open www.kproxy.com or any other proxy site, there try to open your site .
Make sure your firewall is not blocking the port 80. Your site should get open.
Thats enough homework for you guys. Next time I will tell you how to get a free name (Domain) for your own hosted website. That means DNS redirects to your ip address.
Hope this guide will help you to setup your own website with MTNL Triband Unlimited plan.