After Android, another nice application from Google and I am sure this can change the prospect the way you look at the world. This time google has come with intelligent glasses. If you love wearing glasses then its the time to buy a new one because  google glasses are ready to change the way you look at the world. This will add more functionality to our boring world.

Intelligent – Compact – Beautiful

These glasses are not just a camera but certainly much more than that. Microphone, earphone , high resolution but small screen, high resolution camera, mobile connectivity, gyroscope, compass.

Some people might say that why should they wear this stupid camera. Well, think again. First of all google glasses are not just glasses, they are intelligent device which has all the future possibilities which you have watched in a James Bond movie.

I am impressed by the tiny screen and its functionality. For ex. If you are in a store and need some info regarding a product then just face that product’s bar code in front of cam and bang!! the info will flash at the tiny screen.

Why Should I Use Google Glasses?

Now no need to carry mobile phones. You are wearing them. Google glasses can connect with mobile operator, wifi which can fulfil the need of a mobile phone. No need to find the camera to click a pic, its right there and all set to click the right moment. Finding places will be very easy as you can watch google maps right in front of your eyes. There can be more interesting applications like these.

Future is endless. But this tiny device is just a start. As time will pass I am sure google will improve its functionality and connectivity to make it a complete device.

Not Just Smart, Google Glasses are Intelligent

After I watched the presentation I was thinking, this is nothing but a camera which is transmitting data to a computer. But after a few minutes I realised its a great assembly of all useful stuff (camers, mic, earphone, connectivity, tiny screen, compass, gyroscope). This device looks small but has lot of potential to be a great market product.

I sometimes surprise how computing devices are changing our physical world. Today we can’t live without gadgets and why should we, if they are useful and nice to us.