Finding Duplicate / Similar Pictures on-line is  very interesting and useful way to search. When I first discovered this cool trick I got amazed to see the results. A completely different way to search about a image on search engine.

First understand it a little: Suppose you like to find an image of Isaac Newton, its so simple. Just search it on google and you will get it. But suppose if you have a picture of somebody or soma place and you like to know more about it, what will you do?


You are searching web for something useful and suddenly  an image pop-ups which you like to know more about it. How will you do that?

Seems tricky right!!

Tools needed for Image searching

Although there is no special tool needed but if you like to make the process fast and convenient then you need to install a small plugin in google chrome called Search By Image.

Its a tiny and simple plugin but worth downloading. I ask you to download it before reading further.

Ok, I assume you have installed it.

How to Search by Image

After installing “Search by Image” plugin in chrome everything is quite simple.

Open any image on the web. For letting you understand, have a look at the image below.

Right click on the image and click “Search google with this image” (Assuming you have installed the above listed plugin and using google chrome). You will be amazed to see the results. Now you know that it’s a river in Indonesia and you have got all the info about the picture.

When Search by Image is Useful over Traditional Searching

There can be many uses of this small feature. First of all its a new way to search so some fun is involved with it. But if you think closely, you will find it quite useful.

If you have an image and like to know more about it. This tool can give you a better start.

If you like to find similar images then again its quite useful.

If you are need a bigger or smaller image then again you may find it useful, because internet is full of duplicate images of various sizes.

If you like to know the name of unknown person then again it can be very helpful.

Lets do one more search.Tell me, who is this pretty lady below?