With the release of Microsoft office 2007 a new document file format docx came into picture.

This new docx format is not compatible with the previous releases of the Microsoft office.

If you get a MS-Word Document file which has this new docx file extension but you have the older version of microsoft office like MS-Office 2000, MS-Office 2003 and you are not able to open the file then don’t worry we have a few very simple solutions for you.

The Microsoft itself has released a patch for the older version of MS-Office.

Its around 37MB.

After installing this patch you will be able to open any docx format  file.

Visit -> Microsoft office compatibility pack

If you are not comfortable with the microsoft office compatibility pack and want to convert you docx file to doc then there are few web services around you can use.

Convert docx file to doc with Docx2doc.

Visit -> Docx2doc

These are the few best ways to convert or open a docx format file.