WordPress is growing very fast not just because it is simple and easy to use but because of thousands of themes and plugins available. Most of them are free but for pro blogging you should you premium themes and plugins because of obvious reasons that they are the best and most of them comes with support including free upgrades. We all love to use free stuff and in that regard we sometimes makes some great mistakes with our blogging career is using nulled or pirated themes and plugins without even understanding that what could be the risks. And some times  (many time) we get into a big trouble with various kinds.

Risk Using Pirated WordPress Themes Plugins

Why someone will give you premium stuff for free?

This is the first question you should ask while using such nulled or pirated stuff. Why would someone out there in this mean world will give you premium or paid stuff for free. Is there is any catch while using such nulled / pirated themes and plugins?

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Possible Threats of Using Pirated WordPress Theme / Plugins

There are a number of threats of using such so called free stuff.

  • Password Stealing / Reset : Hacker or so called intelligent thief do certain changes in the coding. Such nulled scripts can reset admin passwords and send it to the script designer who can access your blog easily and make any kind of changes he wants.
  • Adding Backlinks: Backlinks are the backbone of internet marketing. These smart people (script editors – hackers) will not reset your password but use a backdoor entry to edit your blog posts and add their backlinks. This is a new kind of threat emerging in today’s smart blackhat blogging world. They are trying all sort of techniques to rank websites fast and this is one more way.
  • Destroy the whole blog: While they have the full access of the blog they have all the rights to anything on your blog. Thanks to such nulled / pirated themes / plugins they can delete everything in your blog and can destroy your total income stream. I have no intentions to threaten you but you must accept certain facts while making such risky choices.
  • Copying your Valuable Content: Althought they can copy your content but this is a convenient way to copy the complete blog and create duplicate content for your blog. One more way to destroy credibility of your blog. Although google is fighting with such stuff with their algorithms updates but you deny the fact that still there are people out there who are working on it.

I have outlined some of the threats which might lead your blog to a suicide.

Why WordPress blogs are easy target?

WordPress is being used by millions of websites throughout the world and that’s why it attracts many hackers to do their experiments. When you have enough targets, firing becomes easy. Same way wordpress blog works. I am not saying that you should stop using wordpress as a blogging platform. WordPress releases various updates and most of them are security updates. You should keep your wordpress blog updated and shouldn’t use such pirated scripts or plugins.

What If I don’t have enough money to buy themes/plugins:

That’s the beauty of wordpress. It comes with lot of free plugins and themes. You can try them. For free wordpress stuff go to WordPress.com  but for professional blogging you should use premium stuff because of various reasons.

First of all, free themes are not that attractive like professional themes where designers put their best efforts to make it worth. If you are going to start a specific niche blog then you need to have a matching theme and not just any theme.

Place to have beautiful themes at nice cost

Have a look at these themes and I am sure that you will like them. Choose the best one that suits for your blog and get it. Its always better to spend something on your business. This will benefit in long run. Good and beautiful theme is always better just like good looks to convince girls 🙂

Final Words

Nothing in this world is free not even love (exceptions are always there 😉 ). If someone is giving you something like that, then there will be a catch somewhere. Hackers are finding new ways to make your life tough and the only way to fight with all of them is stick to the basics. Buy genuine stuff. If you have a nice idea for a blog then its time to work on it and spend little to start your online business.