Blogging is changing with time. Internet is inspiring everyone and attracting most of us to write. And world is responding accordingly. It’s  becoming fashion to have a blog. People writing all absurd things on their blog and that’s the basic problem of internet. It’s free, no agency to monitor it (although few countries have started monitoring it), no punishment (despite few cases in US and China), flexible to work (24*7). There are many in the list but the basic thing is people don’t feel responsible while writing on internet. They feel that they can write anything and no one will say anything to them. After-all, it’s their blog and they has the authority to use it anyway.

That’s where a blogger comes in.

Bloggers are the Secret Ingredient for Internet

Awesome recipe requires some secret ingredient. Bloggers add all the secret spices in internet curry. They add fun, expert knowledge and problem solving approach to problems.

What are the prime responsibility of a internet blogger?

Write anything with a concrete base supporting your fact / info. It’s the prime responsibility of a blogger otherwise he will fall into the normal person’s category who owns a blog and talks rubbish.

Blogger fits right piece of information at the right place.

bloggers responsibility job work

This quality comes with lot of practice and requires expertise. Right and accurate information is what we all expect from internet but if it’s written correctly like a guide or problem solving approach it becomes somewhat more authentic and interesting.

This is the area where bloggers should focus a lot. If you write normally everything just like a text book things won’t work. Develop your own style to explain things. Back your facts with solid proofs if you can (I know many times it’s not possible, that’s why we focus on branding. People believe brands).

Research and Write

“Research is to see what everybody else has seen

and to think what everybody else has thought”

No one in this world is perfect. No matter how perfect we are in our field new things keeps coming and making our existing knowledge outdated. Like other fields blogger shouldn’t stop learning and trying new things.

Whenever you are out of thoughts find what others have written on the same topic but don’t copy their stuff. A little guidance is OK but copying will let you nowhere.

Whenever you write something important which is going to make some impact on people’s life, support your fact with some researched content or references. People will believe you. A genuine Blogger always justify their point.

Whenever talking to client produce some authentic researched content to make the right impression. Collecting right facts is what makes all the difference in a blogging  journey.

Why bloggers should be responsible about their work

Responsibility of a Blogger for Community

Everyone has some sort of responsibility on their shoulder.  But whenever we talk about internet people always act less responsible. They share things because others are doing it, they comment stupid for the sake of commenting, they own a blog but write weird things. I mean, public behaves like irresponsible whether it’s normal life or internet. But Bloggers are different.

Don’t advice anyone before understanding the problem.

Don’t write something because you haven’t wrote anything since past week. But write when there is something to write.

Internet is full of helping advice but bloggers arranges them, filters them like diamonds in a thread.

If people comment or ask something on blog then a blogger and solves their issue. That way he makes charity.

If something new has happened or have solved a problem then blogger registers that on their blog.

Responsibility of a Blogger for Fellow Bloggers

We make friends in profession. Just like that we should make friend if we are a blogger. No one can survive without friend. We often break down because of work pressure or by any other reason. Only a friend who can understand us can help in that situation.

In blogging too we need to support each other and make friends. I am glad that blogging community is very friendly. But what are the responsibilities of a blogger for their fellow blogger.

Talk sensibly and help. Internet is a very dynamic place. Healthy relationship with fellow bloggers will keep you safe from internet  hiccups (search engine algo).

Organize Social Meets and Take Part: Bloggers often organizes meetings to share their work and experiences. You should take part and talk to other bloggers. Share and Learn is the purpose of such meetups.

Appreciate Other’s Work and Give Suggestions: If someone has come up with some nice idea or a nice post then appreciate his/her work by commenting or by calling (if you are that close) . If there is something that you can add to their stuff then give your suggestions. Bloggers like when people like their stuff and appreciate their work.