Writing content is essential if you own a site or a blog. SEO experts says that you should write content more often on your blog which will increase visitors. They also say that don’t write too much, that might dilute your blog’s content weight. Internet is full of different opinions. Sometimes what people experience they change their style that way. Because internet is an open world where everybody can say anything, which opinion is right and which one is wrong introduces some sort of dilemma while planning some strategy. Now if you are reading this post then these words are based on my experiences.

Content is King But Why?

There is no doubt that content is king on internet. But which king is better than the other is crucial. Everyone feels that his content is best to read. They have all the right to feel like that but that’s not true always. Hundreds of thousands of posts are being written everyday just like thousands of writers are writing books on various topic. But still masses buy specific books and read specific post. If you are a computer science student and keen to learn “C language” then almost everyone will refer you book written by Dennis Ritchie.  Why? Ask it yourself.

Write content which is worth reading

Which Content is Worth Reading?

You can’t read every post available on specific topic. If you search “how to create content” then you will find thousands of posts dealing with the same topic with different opinions but Which content is actually worth reading?

There are certain qualities which turns raw content into a worth reading content:

If you are an amateur blogger or had faced the penguin slap then its good for you to shape and change your writing habits. A good book consists of great examples with well structured content. I am telling you some of them in brief.

A worth reading content should consists :

  • Little details  about the content. Just like preface of a book.
  • Content or post should be well structured. From good structure I mean, content should be in the form of well written paragraphs and every paragraph with a title must deal specific area of the original thought.
  • Don’t write anything in hurry. A well researched post will always pay you more than 100 poorly written posts.
  • Always try to write professionally. This doesn’t mean that you can’t make jokes but serious post must deal serious topic.
  • Make your post versatile. Always define what is the use of this write-up and how it will benefit you. Try to broaden your thought process and let various aspects about the content should flow in your mind. This will help you to structure your writing well.


Benefits of Well Research Content

End user needs everything researched, pre-compiled and ready to use. If you can provide such content which is easy and ready to digest then your content can be a hit.

  • It increases faith of user in your blog or site.
  • It reflects that whatever you write is based on some concrete facts.
  • It shows that you are responsible and don’t write junk stuff.
  • It signifies that your content is useful for community because it’s based some real findings.

This was the guide which will motivate you to write great stuff. Take your time but whatever you write it must be worth reading otherwise you will not get any kind of benefit. Even search engine will decrease your worth into their web indexes if no one is liking your stuff.

If there is something I am missing or you have to add something into it, then please do comment.