Titles are the gateways for your site.

We always write it normally but don’t you thing that these few words make all the difference to grab the attention of user. If we are a blogger (newbie or pro-blogger) then this is a must area you should focus. Writing titles is very creative work. Major web based companies just pay for awesome titles. It’s like making newspaper highlights.

In the series of crafting a blog post this is the first article I’m going to focus on. I’m taking this part of blogging very first because I feel that this is the most important section one should master.

Before mastering the topic I like to tell something on spammy titles.

Don’t Cheat Search Engines by Writing Spammy Titles

Search engines are becoming smart specially google. Any practice of fooling them will eventually not work in near future.

You should know better about spammy titles because sometimes you can write them unintentionally and google might get wrong signal about your site.

Don’t repeat your keyword many times in title. That’s the only way you can exploit it. After panda and penguin updates such spamming doesn’t work anymore. But if you try to spam, search engine will raise a flag against your posts and that might affect your older post rankings. It’s better to be safe and follow very basic guidelines.

Attention Grabbing Titles Can Do Wonders

Drafting a great title which includes your keyword is not that easy. You need to be good in words you choose along with your primary keyword.

“One Line To Impress Your Readers Requires Expertise”

Grabbing attention always requires something different. On search engines you just have words to make all of the difference. There are some basic techniques you can follow which are related to human psychology. We can use these psychological ways to take advantage.

“Blogging includes little bit of Human Psychology”

Basic to Advance : Writing Awesome Blog Post Titles

1. Problem Solving Approach

Blog Title Problem SIf you are writing an article which solves some problem then the best title can’t be better than explaining that you have solved the problem. “How to Hold a Phone While Taking Close Shots” can be a better title than “how to click photos from phone”. You should be create while describing the simple problem in a nice and attractive way.


2. Generate Some Heat

Blog Title Controversial StyleDon’t take it literally. What I mean from generating heat is to talk a little controversial about the topic. People tend to reflect their thought and start talking about it.

You must be little cautious while writing such controversial blog post.

Don’t write wrong facts.

Don’t talk stupid.

Don’t put blame on someone.

Give valid arguments to prove your point.

A valid example for this section could be “Thinking To Take Close Shots from phone? Think Again“.

3. Refer User ( Offer Challenge )

Challanging Blog Post TitleThis is a proven technique and almost everyone reply back with something. Challenging your user is a good way to attract their attention. I have found that this technique is somewhat more effective than others. People tend to react if you dare them for something.

A valid example can be “Not Everyone Can Take Close Shots From Phone“.


4. Use Words With Inherited Energy

Power Word Blog Post TitleWe all love free stuff or curious to know secret. Such words are called energy words. Some of such words are:


There can be lot more words. I use these energy words quite often.

A valid example can be “Hidden Secret Behind Taking Close Shots From Phone“.

5. Exaggerate 

We exaggerate situations or talks sometimes. This is a proven technique to generate interest.

Exaggerating TitlesThe only flaw with this technique is if you don’t come on track within couple of paragraphs then user might loose interest. But if you master this technique then this will become the best arrow in your quiver.


I hope you must have learnt something about optimizing and writing great post titles. If you are using some other techniques then do share with us. Becoming a blogger is a step by step technique. You can’t master all blogging techniques in one night.