I have been working online from past 6-7 years and with all ups and downs I can say that google is making nice changes to its algorithms which in-turn encourages genuine bloggers who has something to contribute. I have learnt a lot in this long internet SEO journey. Today I have got something useful for all my fellow bloggers who are taking internet and blogging seriously. Just like in real world, internet is also a place to find good advice and it’s where a genuine blogger fits. There are lot of qualities a blogger should possess and improving older blog posts is one of them. It not just bring visitors but also increases faith of search engine and readers as you are adding value to their knowledge.

Update Blog post get more visitors

Reason : Why to Improve Old Posts

If you are curious to know about why should you add new stuff to old post, then here are some valid reasons.

Get Better Indexing with Multiple Keywords

Since the post is already indexed and with some more relevant data it will become more authentic. It not just involves a little freshness factor but also increases semantic weight of already used keywords. Google is using semantic factors as one of the ranking criteria.

More Page Views Means More Money

As you are adding more stuff to old post which will add more relevant keywords which in-turn increases more page views. For example if you are writing a post on how to impress a girl and using keywords like “on phone”, “on facebook” then you will get more exposure because those who are searching for how to impress a girl on phone will find your post too. And by adding new tricks like “in first meeting”, “with her parents” to the same post will attract more visitor.

New posts are good when you have to cover a topic but if there is something that is precise but still deserve to be explained then its better to edit an already existing post.

Better Search Engine Ranking

If you are covering all the areas of the topic within a post then there is no reason why search engine will not give you better ranking unless you are not following some blackhat techniques or using a pirated theme.

Method : How to Improve Old Blog Post

This is my favorite part so I’ll try to explain it to my best, but if there is something I have left then do ask in the comment section and I’ll get back to you.

To add more relevant keyword you must know what they are. Not everyone is a genius like “Sheldon Cooper” who stores everything in mind. So, where to look for help? Well, again its google. Google Webmaster’s Tool is a lot more than just a tracking tool. It gives you vital information about your posts too.

A New Way To Look at Webmaster’s Tool

If you are not doing it already then this is going to be some cool stuff for you.

Login to your google webmaster’s tool and click on one of your listed website in the panel. Once you are in, click Top Pages.



Here you will see all your pages sorted with number of impressions with a small arrow sign. Once you press this arrow it will list all those keywords your page have seen on google.



I think above image is self explanatory. These are the keywords for which your page have appeared on google. This is just a small screen shot but the list is way too long. In my case there are around 200 keywords.

The interesting part is that these are the actual keywords people writing and finding your site. If you will look at these stats closely you will find that google is showing ranking for these keywords.

How to Use These Keywords to Improve Article Quality

First of all these are the actual keywords and real people are searching for them. This is valuable information because no other tool can tell you this, not even google’s other keyword tracking services like trends, adwords, analytics. Now, what to do with these so many keywords.

If you have found that it’s a nice long list, you can do two things:

1) Extend your existing article by including these new keywords. Always write quality stuff and for that a little research tool is not bad.

2) You can write a new article. But before writing a new one you must ensure that this new article will not be a duplicate of your previous post.

Things To Consider While Improving Quality of Post

Follow Proper SEO guidelines: Always follow SEO guidelines because ultimately a bot will take decision about your post or site.

Don’t Duplicate:  Google takes duplicate stuff more seriously than other search engine but very soon almost all search engines will follow these guidelines too. Google is setting standards for future search engine activities and you should take them seriously.

Don’t Talk Irrelevant: If there are some keyword which you think is not related or relevant ( it happens sometimes) then don’t consider that. Talking irrelevant will not prove anything. Don’t include words because you have to but rather include them to make your post interesting and engaging.

Final Saying

A pro blogger should always think about useful stuff. If you have written a post and people are finding it via search engine then it’s the time to improve the quality of your post a bit more. You will not just get more visitors from same old post but this will increase faith of search bots in your site because you are covering almost all areas. Old posts are like gems and often requires finishing.

Take your work seriously and have fun too but include quality in whatever you do. Best of luck and if there is something I missed or you have something to say then commenting is the best thing.