If you are a blogger and not using a desktop blogging software then you are missing something big. Desktop blogging software gives you ease and flexibility to publish your post on famous platforms like wordpress and blogger. There are many desktop softwares available for blogging, Most of them are paid but few of them are free and better than paid versions.

In spite of going into detail and considering that you are well aware of blogging platforms, let me introduce you these 2 free desktop blogging softwares which works for wordpress and blogger platforms.



First Choice : Windows Live Writer

Windows live writer is a microsoft product. It’s well designed and almost bug free. There are lot of exclusive functionality in this blogging desktop tool in which others are failing. For example if you like to upload your images to picasa (a google service) then configure it accordingly and all your blog images will be uploaded to picasa rather than on your hosting.

You can fill excerpt right from this tool. You can set up auto interlinking of posts.

With all the basic functionality and lot of advanced options windows live writer is bloggers first choice.

Download Windows Live Writer

Second Choice

I haven’t found any good choice other than WLW. I guess developers have stopped working on blog’s desktop clients. I have looked almost all the options available on internet Zoundry Raven, ThingamaBlog, Deepest Sender, BlogDesk, BlogJet and few others too. But none is better than or near to WLW.

Most of these desktop clients were outdated because no dedicated team is maintaining them and others are lacking in features.

A Recommendation

If you like to manage all you wordpress blogs under one roof then there is one popular service called ManageWP. I am using it and so far very satisfied.

Managing different blogs at one spot.

Update Plugins with one click on all blogs.

Different blogs’s comments at one spot. Approve them right from one place.

There are many premium services which will transform your blogging experience.

Save your valuable time and reduce frustration my managing all of your wordpress blog at one place.

Now a days almost everyone is managing more than one blog and managing them is one big hassle. But if they are merged at one place then they will always be in front of your eyes. It will motivate you and turn you into a more productive webmaster.

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