Whenever I think to write a post on picktherick.com I feel somewhat lazy to login. If you are regular wordpress user or a newbie you must be looking for a better way to write blog post on your blog. Use WordPress Desktop Client. I am sure that you will feel amazed by installing these recommended free softwares.

Regular wordpress users are using these desktop softwares to write and beautify their posts before publishing. You might ask why should we use these wordpress clients when we have web logins? So, before telling anything else about these windows / mac wordpress clients I should tell you what are the benefits.


Benefits of using WordPress Desktop Software



1) No Different Versions of Posts in WordPress (No Redundant Data in Database): When we write a post then wordpress regularly save different versions of the same post many times and when you hit publish then the latest version is shown to the users. What about those different versions then? Well, they stay there forever and filling you database. For Example if you have 10 posts on your blog then you database contains around 10 versions of each post. Do you imagine how much junk your database is containing and mind this that these junk versions slow down data retrieval from wordpress DB. Using these desktop clients will not create any junk at all in your database and faster site load will happen.


2) Flexibility: When I write a blog post, I feel irritated switching between tabs on browser. If I have opened around 15 tabs then its very frustrating finding the right one. Switching between running softwares is easy than switching between tabs on browser.


3) Quick and Easy Post Drafting: Tell me one thing, pasting an image on MS-Word is easy or on wordpress? Its that simple. You can draft your post like you are working on MS-Office or any other word client.


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4) Spell Check: Do you how many times we write wrong spelling. Its very bad when you write something misspelled. Aaah, this author doesn’t know how to spell. If you are not very good in English or careless about spellings then please for god sake use these helpful softwares. These are there for you only. Open-mouthed smile


5) Encouragement: When you see a shortcut of wordpress client on your desktop you feel motivated to write a something new on your blog. While working on internet motivation is the biggest factor of your success. And here you get it everytime you see your desktop.


6) Experience Yourself: Mark my words you won’t be disappointed. In fact there is nothing to loose because these are all free alternatives.


5 Awesome WordPress Dektop Clients for Windows/Mac


Windows Live Writer 2012-13 (For all versions of windows) : This one is my personal favorite and you will like it too. The best part is wordpress recommends it too. It is maintained by microsoft so don’t worry about the quality. I know its microsoft but this one won’t say “Send Error Report” much. I haven’t faced it so far, can’t say about your luck Smile . Download Live Writer


Qumana (For Mac):There are many firefox addons available for mac or paid ones. But because this post is about free alternatives so I have got the best one. Although there were not many choices. Here is my listing: Its Qumana It saves your post to your hard drive and when you hit the publish button it will publish that on your wordpress blog. It supports many other blogging platforms too like blogger, Drupal, Typepad, MSN spaces etc. Download Qumana


BlogTK (For Linux): BlogTK is an awesome piece. Nice Weblog client to connect you with many blogging platforms wordpress, Blogger, Movable Type. For Python lovers you will feel nice to know that its coded in python. Often Linux users feel disappointed about alternative softwares. BlogTK won’t let you down. Just Try it. Download BlogTK


These were the best wordpress desktop clients out there. If you think I am missing something then I always welcome filling that gap in my knowledge. Help me and in return I will help you Smile