Every RSS or Feed reader has almost all basic features so how does that matter if you choose this one or that one. Let me ask you something, Why you are not using windows 98 or office 2000 anymore? Technology is changing new standards are shaping new softwares. That’s is how computer industry evolves. Which was best 4 years back even 6 months back is not outdated today. If you are still sticking with old RSS Feed reader then I must say you are missing lot of useful stuff.

Reader’s Tendency

Its my personal experience that we need to see the title of the post to decide whether this write-up or post is worth reading or not. We all have such observing tendency then why use an RSS or Feed reader which downloads everything and force you to reed whatever has been said on a blog.

Which Windows Feed Readers we should use?

There are 100’s of different desktop feed readers available to use. But which one is worth using is entirely dependent on our need. I have just said earlier about human tendencies regarding choosing a post to read.

In my opinion we should use a kind of feed reader which is a one able to retrieve new blog post frequently and alert us that there is something new to read. Which is flexible enough which lets us decide almost everything like how frequent fetch new content. How to show feeds. How much posts to show. Must be portable and can be used on almost all OS (Windows,  Linux, Mac)

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Where Desktop Feed Readers are lagging

Best 1 feed reader for windows mac linuxDesktop readers are awesome to use. They allows us to apply lot of filters and offer much advance features. But Desktop Feed readers lags when motivation is the factor. You have to run then like MS-Word to see the content and if you have forgot to start it then there is no motivation to check the new content.

I use desktop rss reader but more than that I use a motivational Rss Reader which forces me to check what is new despite the fact whether I want it or not. If I don’t want check then obviously I will neglect the motivational call but It’s my personal experience that I accept this forces call more than 60% of the time and that increases my productivity.

Which Feed Reader I am talking about

I am talking about a google chrome plugin : Feeder.

Yes, Its a Google Chrome browser plugin with lot of useful advance features. Google chrome user base is increasing with a great pace. After introducing chrome for mac os even mac users have started loving it.

Coming back to the topic of “Best 1 Feed RSS Reader For Windows, Mac or Linux”. Give feeder a shot. Use it for atleast 10 minutes and I assure you you won’t uninstall it like you uninstall lot of other softwares within 10 minutes of installation.