Wordpress Backup Restore Manual PluginWordPress is an awesome platform for blogging and not just for blogging it’s good for almost any kind of website. Thanx to it’s great plugin base and on going regular development. But whenever we think of taking backup we run into lot of thoughts.

What to backup? Files or Database or Both.

Where will my media files will get stored?

Where to keep these backup? On my Hard Disk or Online

How will I be able to restore the backup, if something goes wrong?

blah blah…

Believe me, these are just few simple questions but answering these simple questions are not that simple. I am a wordpress developer and I face such issues regularly. Site goes down (1000 reasons for that) and you don’t have backup.. BUSTED. You asked you hosting provider and they say:

Hello Mr.X, We have the backup but you know what it’s a bit old (missing some new posts) and we charge $150 as restoration charge. You keep on arguing but they know that they got your Beeeepppp***.

Then after restoration (aah! you paid them) you have decide that you will keep the backup no matter what. Super high Motivation. Daily, slowly that turned into a monthly schedule and after few months you not even remember that Beeeeepppp*** Promise that you made few months back to yourself. And happily they charged $150 again.

Manual Vs Automatic (Plugin Based Backup)

Read what wordpress has to say about the backup. Lot of technical stuff right. Yes, that’s because backing up it tricky and takes time. Keep on doing it manually and on regular bases doesn’t make any sense. That defeats the whole purpose of wordpress based website.

In manual backup you have to learn a lot of things first only then you can dare to do it.
Restoration of manual backup even more painful.
Place everything exactly where they were. 1 thing here-and-there and you will run into issues.
I am not terrorizing the village but that’s truth. I discuss it with my client, educate them and advice them to go for automatic and regular backup plugin. Always buy a plugin which can serve at least these tasks.

  • Backup WordPress Databases
  • Export or Backup All the files
  • Allows you to upload files @ google drive or some other cloud based service
  • Let you choose how many backup copies you would like to have. They are restore points, similar to Microsoft Windows.
  • Let you restore your site easily.
  • Does everything by themselves within few clicks.

Although there are lot of wordpress backup service providers which can provide lot of advanced features. But these are few very basic requirements of any wordpress webmaster which I elaborated above.

100’s of plugin. Which one ?

With great power comes great responsibility – Spiderman

Yes, there are 100’s of plugins free and paid. But the kind of service you need this time will never be supplied for free. Yes, there are free plugins but they lack with very basic features and will force you to buy premium ones. So, I recommend you to go for the paid ones. Which is not very expensive and serve basic purpose of backup and restore along with advance feature just in case you need them along with nice support.

At the end of the day only support will save you from critical situation.
You can use the same which I am using : UpdraftPlus

If you run into issues or need to ask something, you can comment below anytime and as time permit I will answer them. Happy Blogging.