iPhone 5 is out and is quite expensive. What if you get iPhone’s look for free. If you own an android phone then its easy to transform your phone into iPhone 5. If you are thinking what this will transform your mobile phone features too. You are wrong. Its just a launcher, means your android features will remain same but looks will transform. Its like designing a new dress for your baby doll, but the baby remains the same.

android into iphone 5

Why to turn Android into iPhone 5

What a silly question though. I want it man thats it. heh!

Yes, its kinda show off. You can tell your friends that you have got new iPhone 5. Of course not all of them will believe but you can impress few girls with that. You know what I mean 😛

If you not american then its possible that iPhone 5 has not been launched in your country. Its a good way to experience the new look of it.

There can be hundreds of other reasons. But the best one is iPhone transformation for free and I want it. That’s it, no more reasons.

How to transform Android into iPhone 5

Its very simple. Follow these steps:

– Take out your Android phone from your pocket and open google play on it (Earlier its google market).

– Search for “Fake iPhone 5”

– Click install and you are done.



New look exactly like iPhone.

Default is 4 rows and you can switch it to 5 rows if you wish.


No widget support. Come on, its an iPhone now and not dashing Android.

Can’t arrange icons.

How to Switch back to Previous Launcher (earlier look)

Don’t worry, if you don’t like the new iPhone 5 transformation the you can switch it back to your original launcher.

Press your menu button and your Android phone then Advanced > Switch launcher.

You can uninstall fake iPhone 5 app too and you will be back to the original launcher.