Smart-Phones and kids both are getting smart very early. In recent past we have noticed a drastic change in mobile  (Android, iOS) platforms. This sudden change is bringing drastic changes in kids activity.

Even before start speaking, they are ready to play games on tablets or mobiles. They shout very loud when you say enough is enough. This is getting very tough for parents about which games or apps they should give to their kids or toddlers which will improve their growth rather than make them aggressive.

Which Android Games You Should Avoid:

I remember a game in which you have to smash ants with your finger. This is really ridiculous. How can you give such games to your kid to play. Yes, your toddler will feel happy while smashing ants but will that be good for their mental growth. If you say, how does this matters, think again. You are making your kid aggressive. When they become little young they will smash ants, bugs without thinking anything.

My point is, you should think twice before installing games for your kids on your mobile devices or tablets.

If you own a android mobile and using google play to install games then you must be aware that there are thousands of free games you can install. You just need to choose them wisely.

Which Apps Should I Install for My Kids:

I will present you great games for your kid which will help in improving their mental ability, interactivity, pronunciation, visual and shape recognition skills.

These apps may look simple enough but according to researches such games are very good for kids mind and their growth.

1. Connect Dots

I am sure you must have played this game during your childhood in a newspaper. This game is about connecting dots which later turn out to be a figure.

This game is very interesting for kids. To connect a dot from another, they have to follow counting. That way they start remembering numbers in a very playful way. A must download for those whose kids are ready to learn counting.

This app will help improving number and letters recognition and pronunciation. Kids also learn creature and objects they create while connecting dots.

2. Join Paper Cuttings

This is again a very interesting android puzzle game for kids. In which they have to join pieces of a figure like Cow. This is a very addictive and beautiful graphics game for kids. You will get 20 free graphics but if your kid like this puzzle game then you can buy the full version.

This Pre School puzzle game is very well optimized for phones and tablets. Such games improves cognitive skill,  shape recognition and visual skill.

3. Learn to Read in a Fun Way

If your kid can read alphabets then its time to increase the challenge for him. Although its a preschool app but some school going kids can also play with it. All words are made up of only 3 letters so reading them is very easy. The game invites your child to speak with the app.

If you kid is having trouble reading these words then you need to first install alphabet app. Once you kid will become familiar with letters then he will really enjoy reading these 3 letter words.

These are few best choices of android apps you can install for your kid to improve his brain activity.